A Young Adult Novel

Kiana and Kelly

have little in common except their friendship. Tough girl Kiana likes getting greasy restoring engines and throwing knives. Softhearted Kelly prefers looking good, playing the cello and cuddly animals. Kiana is all act first, think later. Kelly is thoughtful and worries about consequences. But like magnets to steel, the bond between these girls is naturally drawn tight. And Jolene, Kelly’s greedy mother, hates that. The last thing she needs is Kelly’s troublesome best friend upsetting her plans to marry her beautiful daughter off to Vaughn, a handsome, smooth talking Lothario and heir to a giant family fortune. Jolene is sure she can use Vaughn’s gorgeous looks and slick romance to persuade Kelly that he is her lavish future, and Kiana is her miserable past. But Kiana has other ideas.