The genesis of The Kylxon Chronicles was a question from my then eight year old adopted son. As I started up a ladder with a tray full of paint he asked me what “special powers” he had inherited. Not wanting to brush off his question nor at the same time try to supply a thoughtful answer while attempting to paint the ceiling overhead, I told him I would write the answer to his question out for him later so he’d have it on paper. I intended to draft up a five page story focusing on the talents that have flowed to him from his families, both the Korean family of his birth and his adopted family. As it happened, over time those five pages turned into The Kylxon Chronicles.

Besides giving my son a good read to keep the early flame of a young reader from being doused out by computer games and 3-D movies, I wanted to instill in him that his “special powers" came from his family and that family isn’t defined exclusively by bloodlines but by love and commitment. The Kylxon Chronicles are adventure stories and are fanciful, but at their core they are about the power of family and friendship. All families are special and how they come together is not important. It’s how family members and friends treat each other that really matters. Equally important, I wanted my son to understand the cruelty and foolishness of demeaning a person for their unique personal qualities. Because that person, who may seem so strange to you, may be no different than a relative hanging on your own family tree.